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i wasn't true to the style of the first one, but uh... nothing hits my veins in a more soothing fashion than is a pretty old skin... I've added green LED's to the titlebar and made some modifications to the Main window itself along with the mp3 text and the main numbers. I made this awhile ago, in fact last year sometime, its the first winamp skin I have ever created.

The background the design is basically an overview of the mako reactors in FF7, which is also the main area in the beginning of the game.

EDIT: Aminifu's reply wasn't there when I started writing..

I see both went through the same road Thanks, guys! I want to send my folder with 100 songs to some friends who like the music, but are very unfamiliar with computer stuff.

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The wiki How Tech Team also followed the article's instructions, and validated that they work. Playing your files with media players can sometimes feel dull if you don’t see an album art displayed while it plays.

These songs have nothing to do with the many other songs on my computer.

I don't want Winamp updating any of my songs with something it might find on the Internet (art, artist, etc.). So I have (I think) disabled any looking into the Internet.

Can somebody suggest a kindergarten-style MP3 player program? I'd like to also send them some MP3-playing software that has minimal capabilities -- in other words it will only play those 100 songs, maybe with some control over which song is playing, which one will play next, etc.

Watch folders tab) 02 Smart views In the first you tell to Winamp where to look for your music.

If you set it up, it will update your library like you want (see the options around to adjust it to your needs) In the second one, you can create a Smart view to show only the 100 particular songs.

Remember, Neologic is 'new logic'..." This is the skin I've been staring at, on and off, for about 2 or so weeks now, and I'm...

Not the most original skin around, but it works for me so I wanted to share it.

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