Validating rpl assessment tools

Recognition of Prior Learning is a process where a person is assessed against one or more units of competency based on evidence of their existing skills and knowledge.

If you genuinely have sufficient knowledge and skills directly relevant to part or all of the qualification, and you can prove it with evidence, you can be recognised for it and may not have to undertake that part of the course.

But if you don't invoke their RPL process they can send you down the learning factory production line with everyone else.Informal learning takes place related to daily activities such as work, leisure and family activities.This form of learning is not planned and structured and takes place in an unconscious manner, such as the experience of taking care of a family.Formal learning is defined to be what is normally perceived to take place in structured learning environments and usually is certified with a qualification or diploma.Non-formal learning is defined as the learning that takes place trough planned activities, such as in-company training, however may not result in a diploma.

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