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Net MVC with html controls that I'd like to check it type, e. Validation Message For() is an extension method is a strongly typed method.

Mask for Positive numbers only in Text Edit I need to allow the user to accept only positive numbers with or without decimal points. The code is, suppose i have a textbox where user should input numeric data only but user can give string data. The underlying field is a float field, but I do not want the user to enter a negative value for the specific column. A quick scan over Google came up with this, try it out: \b\d \b matches a positive integer number.

if u want to use javascript write a function on onkey Down event of a textbox function checkvalid() logic here is that on keydown u ll first check whether textbox already has anything if no direct allow if yes check the length if its 1 then check the value in textbox if its 1 or 2 allow to enter but if its 3 then check the to be typed integer if its 0 then allow else dont allow return false will not allow anything to be typed Hi, 1. Within function , take the value of that textbox using Element By Id and ckeck that value after keypress is less than equal to 30 or not?

Thanks Again Private Sub Text Box1_Key Press(By Val Key Ascii As MSForms.Since UBound is zero-based, compare the result to 1.handleman, I was thinking the same thing, but, I did't get to look again just to make sure.I'm currently using a Keyup (or down) event for input. Thanks Tobin com Sorry for the less-than-useful non-advice. When trying to make a user-proof app, you can easily spend more than half your programming time on grooming user input. I have to tell you though, I'm not familiar with "Split function" so I'm only saying that it works but I can't say why .Usually the handling of a Textbox is the process of permitting the user to write only numbers (whether integers or real) or alphabetical characters. Rick Strahl's Web Log number only, date diff etc.I tried @Min(value=0 message = "msg1") - But it allows float values like The name of the validator implies it is looking for any numeric value, including decimal and negative values.

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