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[Included below are some packages listed on the public XML Schema page.

It would be highly desirable to have short essays (in this page or on separate pages) on each major class of software.] These tools perform what the spec refers to as 'schema-validity assessment'.

Decoders provide validation of incoming XML documents, and fast transformation of those documents to values of the C/C representations.See here for more information: the schema does not use a namespace, then call set External No Namespace Schema Location() with just the URL for the schema document.I would suggest you try running the SAX2Print sample application in the debugger and see what that code does.Dave --------------------------------------------------------------------- To unsubscribe, e-mail: [hidden email] For additional commands, e-mail: [hidden email] We've tried the above code and it does not validate the XML file. Here is the hacked code: /* initialize xerces system before usig API: DOM, SAX, SAX2 */ try catch (const XMLException &e) /* actual xerces work */ char *xml_file = "D:\Development\Chronicle\Example Schemas and Form Templates\Drill Data_1.xml"; char *xml_schema = "D:\Development\Chronicle\Example Schemas and Form Templates\new Drill Data.xsd"; SAXParser *parser = new SAXParser(); CSax Parser Error Handler error Handler; parser-set Do Namespaces(true); try catch (const XMLException &e) catch(...) delete parser; //delete doc_handler; /* terminate and cleanup */ XMLPlatform Utils:: Terminate(); The XML file purposefully has an extra element which is not allowed by the schema. Here is the quickly knocked together error handler: class CSax Parser Error Handler : public xercesc_3_0:: Error Handler ; void CSax Parser Error Handler::warning(const SAXParse Exception& exc) void CSax Parser Error Handler::error(const SAXParse Exception& exc) void CSax Parser Error Handler::fatal Error(const SAXParse Exception& exc) It looks you didn't read my e-mail; I said "Furthermore, in order to use schema, you should invoke set Do Schema(true) Finally, change the set External Schema Location to be set External No Namespace Schema Location (or, if is using a target Namespace, change the argument of set External Schema Location to be "uri schema.xsd") " Alberto Leif Goodwin ha scritto: These are not valid URLs, because URLS cannot contain the space character, nor the '\' character.Instead, put these files in a directory with no space, and reference to them with legal URLs: file:///Development/Chronicle/Example/new Drill set External Schema Location(xml_schema); As Alberto pointed out, this function does not accept a URL, it accepts a URI/URL pair. The second is the URL for the schema document itself.

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