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g., how can anyone know if the architecture/design/etc. The output of each software development process stage can also be subject to verification when checked against its input specification (see the definition by CMMI below).Examples of artifact verification: Software validation checks that the software product satisfies or fits the intended use (high-level checking), i.e., the software meets the user requirements, not as specification artifacts or as needs of those who will operate the software only; but, as the needs of all the stakeholders (such as users, operators, administrators, managers, investors, etc.).ISVV stands for Independent Software Verification and Validation.ISVV is targeted at safety-critical software systems and aims to increase the quality of software products, thereby reducing risks and costs through the operational life of the software.Requirements should be validated before the software product as a whole is ready (the waterfall development process requires them to be perfectly defined before design starts; but, iterative development processes do not require this to be so and allow their continual improvement).

Then, it also implies the use of the Design Specification to feed the construction process.If the software meets the requirement specification, it has been internally validated.External validation happens when it is performed by asking the stakeholders if the software meets their needs.By themselves, verification and validation do not guarantee software quality; planning, traceability, configuration management and other aspects of software engineering are required.Within the modeling and simulation (M&S) community, the definitions of verification, validation and accreditation are similar: The definition of M&S validation focuses on the accuracy with which the M&S represents the real-world intended use(s).

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