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To leave a channel, enter the command /part or /leave In the message window.Alternatively, hover your mouse over the channel in the list of channels on the left-hand side and click on the button.(They’ll see a red badge on the channel and be notified via email or their mobile device if they’re not online) You can also inform everyone in a channel by typing @all. Although it is useful for important announcements, it can be distracting if abused.

For example, create a pathway for a company department or to discuss a specific programming language. By default, only administrators, room owners, and moderators can invite others to private rooms.

To start recording, you can click on the Create new Video Message option on the attachment menu.

Then click the circle icon, when the recording starts the image will be replaced with a square “stop” icon. To preview and send your last video recorded, click the “ok” button, which will display a window where you can watch and download the video, name it, and give it an optional description.

(also called channels for short) are the most critical kind.

Use channels for conversations that are open to your entire team. Channels make it easy to find what’s going on with your team.

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