Virgo female dating a cancerian man

I don't flirt and cant stand the idea of having to move on with someone else... It's something about his crabbiness that makes me worry... I loved him with my entire body more than I ever loved anything in my life, and he was crazy into me too. I have Virgo sun, Cancer ascendant whereas he has Cancer sun and Virgo ascendant.After awhile, and the years went by, things became more complicated in his life, and he wore it all over his face and all over clothes, and the more frustrated, aggravated, dirty he was, the more we pulled apart. He is a big flirt with other women, but not with me. Meeting on a blind date, we sat across the table from each other with the guy who introduced us found we couldn't stop staring into each other's eyes.I been reading some things about the Virgo woman and the Cancer man, maybe we are destined to be together maybe it is the new side of relationships that we both need.The way he stares into my eyes I know he has to be feeling something.If you would like to post your own experience or question please use the form at the bottom of this page. It's an emotional roller coaster at times, he can be loving but at times distant. He is a very simple guy, has never given me a reason to not trust him but will see. My Cancer man can be very immature, up and down when things don't go his way or if he feels like I am nagging him, and very critical and judgmental.I'm a Virgo woman and we have been together 4 years long distance.

We're just kids at heart, but after a recent breakup/separation I wonder if as someone else echoed and I'd heard from my wife, she works hard to extend herself and feels I'm, you know, not trying hard I just recently started seeing a Cancer man and oh my word wow its incredible. Maybe a Virgo lady and a Cancerian man are meant to be My neighbors introduced me to there cousin and sure enough he is a cancer and me being a Virgo.

He is a wonderful mix of sweet emotionalism and mature intellect.

I know he kind of sounds like a walking contradiction, but I like the variation, because I'm the same way.

If he isn't in love he is stupid for bringing me to a family reunion and whatever. will he ever be as happy with me as he is with his friends?

I feel like I am working hard bettering myself and he still is doing what he wants not trying to sacrifice.

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I am the one who made a move after I received a poem from him. He has many memories, many friends, a lot of ideas to help save the poor and weak. I have a Cancer man, we've been seeing each other for at least a year. Looking back in hindsight -- this was the instant attraction part of our relationship.

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