Virtualbox updating

Also, if you can only see 32-bit VM options when setting up a new VM, read this helpful article here.

You’ll also need to plug your Jetson TX1 into your host computer via the aforementioned USB cable.

If the update is complete, you will read in the terminal, that you have to reboot the guest. BTW: If you still have the fear, that there might brake anything by the guest additions update - this obviously does changes to the guest - than you can create a snapshot for the guest before you launch it.

Doing so essentially broke the device as the updated version of Ubuntu downloaded was not designed for the Jetson TX1 architecture.

The Jetson TX1 requires a special version of Ubuntu which can be installed through a program called Jetpack.

This process is as simple as installing any software via Software Manager. There is no need - at least not for minor updates - to remove the previous version before, so skip this part. had lots of fun in getting win-10 to work in a VB this is a 32bit PC but the CPU does have the required PAE/NX as well as VTx technology. and would be similar to running any 64bit O/s in a VB.

Mike, you are right, that your machines do not get affected by the updates - just as your office documents do not get affected by updating Libre Office.

Search for virtualbox updating:

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If your Jetson TX1 is properly connected to your computer and in Recovery Mode, listed.

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