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After presenting how this differs from layer diagrams in previous versions of Visual Studio, we demo the real-time dependency validation as you type code.

We then show how you can easily create dependency validation diagrams and migrate from previous versions of Visual Studio.

can you give me a tutorial or some instruction to begin with...

I've been searching and its been drying my brain up....

See Validate code with layer diagrams for more information: Validation This is more a global comment against Jean-Marc's videos: It is truly great to see such enthusiasm and love for the tooling coming across in the videos.

Keep them coming - very enjoyable and informative of course.

Use Visual Studio 2017 to detect architectural dependency issues in real-time in the IDE.This rule will allow traffic on port 8172, the port we will be using for deployments.Now that IIS is configured for Web Deploy, we can make the appropriate changes to the VM through the Azure portal.Navigate to the Azure Portal and sign in then locate your VM.Once your VM is selected, click on “Network Interfaces” under the Settings section and select your VM’s network interface.

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