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These progress to video chats (Skype in many cases) and the attackers convince their victims to engage in cybersex – which is then recorded and used against them.Much of this remains the same, of course, but as well as enticing their victims into video chats, the criminals convince them to download a supposed-fix for an audio issue, which is, in fact, malware.Aside from financial setbacks, victims’ lives have been heavily affected. As well as the efficient plans of organisations in the East (whose victims vary wildly in age), sextortion can occur amongst students.GQ reports that a high school senior in Wisconsin pretended to be a female student online and convinced a ring of at least 31 peers to send him explicit images, which he then used as blackmail material.It can affect any age, but children are frequently the intended victims.

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It’s a simple practise, and increasingly widespread as our obsession with documenting ourselves develops. If the victims don’t bow to their demands, whatever pictures or footage the criminals possess are released online.

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