What to write on your profile for online dating

Think of your online profile as a great outfit; it must be smart, well put together, fitting and fuss free – it mustn’t look like you’ve tried too hard, or that you haven’t tried enough.

It must complement your best assets and show the person you are today.

Without the full picture it’s impossible to tell if that floral shirt is joined by a hundred others in his wardrobe, and the same goes for those looking at your dating profile.

By all means keep things short, but do make sure you’ve included all the important information.

The content of your dating profile should be top class; don’t fill it with waffle and useless information.

We all know that it means screaming but I’ve seen people do this. They say that writing a book should actually be called “rewriting” and that’s true for your online dating profile too.Maybe they want to stand out or maybe they are just so amped and excited to be online that they forget. You’ll read tons of online dating profiles that are tales of woe. List that you DO want a long term relationship, a best friend, someone who’s committed (if that’s what you want). You don’t just write your online dating profile once and leave it.Whatever the reason, don’t do it or you’ll only attract people who are looking for crazy. Some start out right away with “I didn’t want a divorce but my wife left me.” Seriously. You will turn lots of people off from the first sentence. Along the same lines of “don’t be negative”, don’t have a huge list of no’s (no drunks, no unemployed losers, no pains in the asses, etc). You change and adapt it depending on the outcomes you are getting. Are they from the kind of person you want to contact you?In outfit terms, it’s akin to stepping out with a big dirty stain on your top; not a good move.Miss this ingredient out at your peril, but don’t get too fixated on being funny.

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