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Their chemistry popped off the screen almost instantaneously and the innocence seen within their relationship—from galavanting in the woods to singing campfire songs—highlighted the pure sweetness these two shared.Fellow castaways began to speculate when the two often skipped off to be alone, but Greg assured them they were just pals who understood each other's senses of humor.Even though the event caused a stir at camp, the "Black Widow" and "Dragon Slayer" denied it and both voiced their concerns about getting into a showmance.While the pair formed a close alliance, which took them far in the game, they feared playing together would ultimately hurt their chances of winning; therefore, they kept their distance, but still considered each another as their trustworthy counterpart.

Even when Ozzy's blindside kicked him out of the game and away from his lady, he still had a message for Amanda at the finale: "I honestly feel like I started to fall in love with you.Rob won in another way, though—in the live season finale, Rob got down on one knee to propose and Amber said, "Yes!" The couple married in 2005 and competed on two seasons of The Amazing Race.I’m glad I didn’t win Cook Islands so that I could be here and meet you." Their real-life romance lasted past the season finale, but fizzled soon thereafter.Watch Season 16 of , Season 22 (2011) Current status: No longer together When Matt told Andrea that being around her made him feel more at home, she got a sparkle in her eye, and nodded in agreement.

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Back on shore, Jessica—who's open about her virginity—planted a sweet smooch on Cole's cheek.

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