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Vitiello oversees the menu at both restaurants, though he only works the line at the first location and appointed Curt Martin, the Harbord Room’s former chef de cuisine, to run THR & Co.

The two spots share staff and have similar menus loaded with handmade pastas, foie gras and herby sauces.

But where the Harbord Room affects a bohemian gentility, THR & Co.

is more polished and airy, with two walls of windows and a section of floor in hand-painted ­Moroccan tiles, this year’s decor fad.

Harbord is now its own special dining destination: not as stuffy as downtown’s power restaurants, not as ruthlessly trendy as Queen West, not as tipsy as Little Italy.

It’s the sort of simple dessert I’d happily order every night of the week.

Yet another reason to search out a parking spot on Harbord.

Not too long ago, I met a friend on the back patio at the Harbord Room.

It was one of those stretched-out summer evenings when the last rays made the leaves overhead glow.

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