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She added: “We’re both each other’s biggest fans and having a baby together will add an extra bond.Kean brings out the best in me and it makes me so excited that we’re on this journey together.Brooke has updated fans about her experiences as she gets further into her pregnancy.She has been candid about her changing body and her struggle to find maternity clothes.You’re the Big Mac to my fries🍔🍟, the Kinder to my egg 🍫🥚& the pain in my 🍑💥 Happy Birthday Mertyl!🎁🎂 I wouldn’t change you for the 🌍You da bestest.🥇🏆 Love You 💛⚖️ A post shared by Brooke Levi Vincent 🐝 (@brookelevivincent) on Brooke, who has played lesbian Sophie Webster in the ITV soap for 24 years, has been dating Sheffield United player Kean Bryan, 22, since Sumer 2016.The star, who is expecting her first child with boyfriend Kean Bryan, said her memory is not what it was.

Although Brooke has never revealed her due date, the actresses first baby is expected around September time.

She reposted a note from a pregnancy website, which read: "It may seem bizarre, but you might notice your memory becoming less than perfect.

"This is due to the emotional impact of pregnancy and is often called 'pregnancy brain.'" Brooke added to her post: "This is why I was getting my lines wrong all day, I knew it wasn't me." She then tagged in her co-stars Colson Smith and Faye Brookes.

Coronation Street actress Brooke Vincent announced she was expecting her first child with her boyfriend Kean Bryan back in April, and now, just weeks before her due date, Brooke's co-star cousin Ellie Leach has sent her a gushing message.

Posting a stunning snap of the pair to her Instagram account, Ellie, who plays the role of Faye Windass in the soap, wrote, ' Being able to watch you every step of the way through your pregnancy has been one of the most rewarding things in the world.

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