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As far as the family, as far as our relationship personally, it's the adversity that a couple uses to draw closer.I think honestly from the situation, our relationship has grown closer.Young Artist Awards winner, Kim Fields is the famous singer, actress and television director from the United States.As an actress, she is popular for portraying her role in the television series like The Facts of Life and Living Single.How have you and Kim navigated those relationships now that you've watched the scene and seen how it really went down?I have had to be pretty diplomatic when it comes to the situation, understanding that in the middle of the situation, in the end of the day, there might be things you find funny.Now, some of them showed more restraint than others.Going down the list, Cynthia [Bailey], Sheree [Whitfield], they showed more restraint more than others.

And she's going to have to deal with Andy Cohen on that.That's been, I think, the most enjoyable part for me, is getting a chance to actually go back after the fact and really get a chance to hear some of the things that are said and enjoy some of the things my kids say. You've also had some bad experiences too, Jamaica especially. She basically took that speculation, one aspect of it, and ran with it.I'm just going to jump right into it: Kenya made some pretty serious allegations that night around the pool. What's your response to what Kenya had to say that night? When someone spreads lies about you, you can either go at them in a defensive manner and be seen as defensive, or you can just let a lie be a lie. You know, if that's the way she wanted to play it, that's the way she's gonna play it. Number one: Obviously I'd been in this situation before when the situation happened the first time. The people that are watching the show will have to see. The bottom line with that is, I'll be completely honest, if the shoe was on the other foot and somebody spread a rumor like that about my spouse, they don't really get back on the Christmas list for a couple years. Some of them she means, and some of them she doesn't. Now, speaking specifically to this point, again, being in the industry that I'm in, being the person that I am, without judgements on anyone's personal life, I have a lot of people in my life, a lot of friends in my life, a lot of colleagues in my life that are homosexuals. I know that they were offended by the statements made.Kim Fields was from an upper-middle-class family born as Kim Victoria Fields on in New York City, New York, the United States of America to Chip Fields and Erv Hurd. On 16th of July 1995, Kim got married to her long-term boyfriend Johnathon Franklin Freeman whom she dated for long before getting married.They remained in this married life for about half a decade but unfortunately, they ended their marital relationship with a divorce in 2001. She made her acting debut from Have I Got a Christmas for You.

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I believe we grow closer every day, but just having obstacles to go through—and this has definitely been a new set of obstacles—has given us the opportunity to talk about new thing and grow as a couple. Now, as far as the entire experience for Kim, I know there have been frustrating moments. I'm a big fan, obviously, but so are a lot of people.

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