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Next up, Eva Marie and Jonathan are packing up their house and are getting ready for their big move back to California, but they aren't doing it alone!

They are road tripping there with Ariane and Vinnie.

She also started acting with the series Dominion from 2015. She is also the face of WWE fashion dolls by Mattel.

episodes last night, Brie Bella and hubby Daniel Bryan have some financial issues, Eva Marie and Jonathan Coyle make a big move with Ariane and Vinnie and much more!

Alicia Fox has been multiple relationships till now. She came to know that he had lied to her about his age.

Alicia Fox was dating wrestler He defended his decision and said that he does not repent having taken that decision. She confronted him on it and they ended their relationship.

Meanwhile, Jonathan, Eva and Ariane wait for Vinnie to arrive in Florida to join them for their big road trip.

But, when Jonathan hands out the itineraries that he has made and planned out for everyone, the girls make fun of him for being OCD.

She took the name of Alicia Fox when she signed for the WWE and it was her ring name. She has spent more than a decade with the wrestling team.Her co-stars on Total Divas Rosa Mendes had tried to set up dates for Alicia.In 2016, Alicia had said in an interview:“Rosa’s tried to set me up on a couple of dates.Next, Brie takes Nikki shopping for a new dress for the Teen Choice Awards.Of course she finds the perfect vintage dress, but it's way too expensive for Bryan's approval, so she has Nikki buy it for her.

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Fox has also suffered various injuries during these matches but has sprung back to action in a short time.

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