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Tamanna will be going up against bigwigs like Nara Lokesh of TDP and Alla Ramakrishna Reddy of the YSRCP.34-year-old Tamanna, a graduate in Computer Applications, tells TNM that she works with Triveni, an NGO working for the welfare of women and the transgender community.In the end, she crowned the title Miss Transgender Mumbai 2010.Tamana Simhadri is a transgender woman and lives in Mangalagiri city.After that, she contested Andra Pradesh Assembly Election from Mangalagiri constituency as well.However, she lost the election with the minimal votes but, becomes the first transgender women to contest assembly election.Also, she is quite active on the Tik Tok video app where she uploads her dance videos and more.Tamanna had a deep interest in social work since childhood, As she belongs to Vijaywada city of Andhra Pradesh state, she knows everything about poverty and helpless peoples.

In 2010, she participated in Miss Transgender beauty pageant held in Mumbai.She works for NGOs and Charities who help needy peoples across Andhra Pradesh state.Furthermore, she runs an NGO(Non-Governmental Organization) named Triveni. My honesty and commitment are for the betterment of tomorrow.I am contesting to see a change in the system,” says Tamanna Simhadri, who is contesting the Andhra Assembly Elections from Mangalagiri.

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