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Tionne Tenese Watkins (T-Boz) daughter Chase is trending on social media because she decided to get her mom’s classic hairstyle.T-Boz was a member of the group TLC, and she was best known for her raspy voice and her trendy asymmetrical hairstyle.

Little did anyone know that one of them—the smoky, alto-voiced Watkins—was in the throes of a severe illness.Everybody had something to say about the movie [], but I don’t need to hear your version. If you have an argument and make up, what does that have to do with love? I also want to produce movies and television shows. It is about our perspective, what we have to say about it. You don’t lose your bond because you had a disagreement. This is but one of the insights from Watkins’s new memoir, (Rodale), in which the star gives a candid glimpse of her struggles with celebrity and the disease she was told would likely kill her by age 30.Diagnosed with sickle cell anemia as a child, Watkins’s young life was riddled with hospital beds and a looming sense of crisis.

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If I’m gonna die before I’m 30, I might as well have fun doing it.

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