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Discrimination in the army was so rife, the men were often seen as unable to fight for their country.Continue: Red Tails Trailer Millions of hearts broke when season four of The Wire reached its bleak conclusion.An inspiring true story from American military history provides plenty of drama and adventure, even if the over-earnest approach makes it seem rather silly at times.If it weren't for the engaging cast and thrilling aerial combat sequences, the film would be hard to get through.

Naturally, Simon brings much of his personal disaffection and melancholy to his portrayal of that disintegrating daily. According to the movies, whenever the majority lacks a moment of personal clarity, they seek solace, advice, and sage-like wisdom from the groups they marginalized for centuries.

One minute I'm settling in to watch the first visual evidence of Adele's reemergence into the music scene after a several-year-long hiatus, and the next I'm trying to figure out who the man in Adele's "Hello" music video is, because darned if that face isn't so familiar. Being attuned as I am to what stories Adele and/or her video directors are trying to convey in all her music vids, it looks as though Wilds is Adele's boyfriend.

What I meant to say is: What is Tristan Wilds doing in the music video for Adele's newest heartbreaking single?

They wind up in the care of the Boatwright sisters -- August (Queen Latifah), June (Alicia Keys), and May (Sophie Okonedo).

Successful beekeepers, their safe haven gives Lily a chance to face the demons from the past and plot a course for the future.

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