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But are there two more famous teenagers in the world right now than Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner? After all, Taylor Lautner is currently the most desirable young actor on the planet, and Taylor Swift is currently the most desirable probable virgin who’s only famous because her music video isn’t as good as Beyonce’s music video on the planet. So let’s take the first half of Taylor Swift’s name and the last half of Taylor Lautner’s name. Seriously, what kind of joyless imbecile goes around finding couples who share a first name to see if they’re more or less famous than other couples who share a first name? Why just a few months ago, Robert Pattinson could have easily stolen your girlfriend, provided that your girlfriend was a kohl-eyed 13-year-old girl with a slack bladder and a depressing fondness for Paramore. Now this might be a bit premature, but we think we can smell a megacouple in the making. First we need to pick a clever Brangelina-style compound name for them. OK, then we’ll take the first half of Taylor Lautner’s name and the last half of Taylor Swift’s name. Anyway, Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner might be dating. , he’s spent much of this year swanning around with his pointy cheekbones and stupid haircut like he’s cock of the walk. According to Access Hollywood, the actor couldn't keep his eyes off Swift and after she finished her performance, the couple shared a hug. This isn’t working out nearly as well as we’d hoped. Lautner attended the joint funeral for the screen legends, and from there, their whirlwind romance was well documented on Instagram, with Lautner posting photos of the couple jet-setting all over the world.According to Lourd's uncle, Todd Fisher, the relationship was as serious as it was adorable.This is one news item that may have just pushed this star right back into the limelight, we all remember his as lean and ripped but now people cannot help but call Taylor Lautner fat.

Fast forward to the present, in the last couple of years, the star has been seen sporting some extra pounds and it got some tongues wagging.

Basically, the fat that had eventually turned into muscle stayed fat.

You have to give it to him though, calling Taylor Lautner fat, is as senseless as complimenting a Buddhist monk on his luscious curls.

That's not easy for me to say, if you think about it! He's a thoroughly decent chap." Granted, that's not a confirmation that Lautner is on board, but it sure seems like he's got an open invitation and a critically-lauded avenue to pursue should he choose to accept it.

" However, by July 2017, Lourd and Lautner were over as a couple, although they "are still friendly," according to a source for in November 2017, that he's kept in touch with Lautner since the series ended.

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