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Alastair Boyd, 7th Baron Kilmarnock died 19 March 2009, but references continue to list him as Chief: see Burks, Standing council, and only House of Boyd aka Clan Boyd has updated information regarding their Chief Boyd clan web site Cumin plant is not even native to Britain.

The 19th century writer James Logan attributed the clan with this plant.

After much infighting between the members of the former SLDF, Aleksandr's son Nicholas Kerensky took command of the exiles, reorganizing them into twenty Clans of warriors leading and protecting their attendant civilian castes.

Lord Kirkcudbright's crest alludes to the tradition that a Mac Lellan killed an Irish bandit which had terrorised the lands around Kirkcudbright.Club moss has also been attributed to the Macraes, who were the Mackenzie's "shirt of mail".Even if it is a confusion both 'deer's grass' and 'staghorn moss' likely refer to caberfeidh ("deer's antlers") in the Mackenzie chiefly arms.The Clans of Battle Tech were originally descended from the self-exiled remnants of the Star League Defense Force (SLDF), who had departed the Inner Sphere after Stefan Amaris brought about the downfall of the Star League.General Aleksandr Kerensky led his forces to a hidden destination far from the Great Houses because he believed that a catastrophic war was inevitable, one that even the once mighty Star League army would be powerless to stop.

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