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This is required in this particular example, because the Wrap Panel doesn't handle focus the same way e.g.a Toolbar or a Menu would, but it also makes pretty good sense to give the commands a target.A thing to notice is that this command has a default keyboard shortcut defined, which you get as an added bonus.Instead of clicking the button, you can try to press Ctrl N on your keyboard - the result is the same.In the first example, we implemented a Can Execute event that simply returned true, so that the button would be available all the time.However, this is of course not true for all buttons - in many cases, you want the button to be enabled or disabled depending on some sort of state in your application.

The reward is especially obvious when you need to invoke the same action from multiple places though, or when you use built-in commands that WPF can handle completely for you, as we saw in the last example.You are free to override these events, which is basically what we did in the previous example, but if you just want the basic behavior, you can let WPF connect the commands and the Text Box control and do the work for you.Just see how much simpler this example is: No Code-behind code needed for this example - WPF deals with all of it for us, but only because we want to use these specific commands for this specific control. Notice how I use the Command Target properties on the buttons, to bind the commands to our Text Box control.The first button will cut to the clipboard and the second one will paste from it.In Code-behind, we have two events for each button: One that performs the actual action, which name ends with _Executed, and then the Can Execute events.

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We'll start off with a very simple example: We define a command binding on the Window, by adding it to its Command Bindings collection.

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