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Ladies, you’re probably smart enough to not be like me; you probably started your shopping weeks or even months ago. And if you’re wondering whether or not jewelry is the right gift for your special girl, know this: it almost certainly is.

Most of you gents out there, though, are thinking about whether or not you manage to get your shopping done online. Sure, every woman has unique tastes in jewelry, so it’s impossible to say which pieces are right for your special someone.

If you’re smart, you planned ahead and got all or most of your shopping done already. The good news is that this isn’t that crazy of a strategy – if you’re shopping at Birkat Elyon.

If, however, you or your significant other is anything like the Birkat Elyon cubic zirconia jewelry blog’s author, well, then you’re just now about getting started on your holiday shopping. Our store is stocked with only high-quality cubic zirconia jewelry, so not even the most clueless among us men-folk can manage to mess this thing up.

It feels like they were just here yesterday, doesn’t it?

Surely it can’t really be time for the holidays yet again. But no, a quick glance at the calendar confirms that it is indeed that time again, and that there is no more time afforded you to delay shopping.

You could try just asking her, and that might work, but chances are high that you won’t get a straight answer. It all depends on factors like how fast your relationship has been moving; whether or not you two knew each other before you started dating; and discussions you may or may not have had about the seriousness of your intents.

Yes, you can consider jewelry after a few months, but it should be something like a pair of cubic zirconia earrings.

Jewelry is a serious gift that should have some meaning behind it, and unless you’re deep into your relationship or the two of you started dating and immediately got off to the races in unbelievably quick fashion, then you’re not going to have had the shared experiences yet to make highly expensive jewelry really mean something as a gift.

Kim Kardashian's ring is a 20.5 carat emerald cut three stone ring.

The center stone is 16.5 carats and the side stones are 2 carats each.

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